Main fields of application

Surface treatment

The products of Cobex, thanks to their homogenous structure and sturdiness can be also utilized extremely well in the field of surface treatment.

The use of our products is suggested primarily for the deburring, cleaning, drying, polishing of soft metals (copper, zinc, chrome).

It is a great advantage of the use of our products that there will be no sparks during work, the surfaces will not be scratched; furthermore it also absorbs the remains of any oil.

Veterinary medicine

Thanks to their dust-free nature and good fluidity they can be used as carriers for choline chloride, aromas, vitamins, enzymes, fats and medical auxiliary substances.


Our corn cob grits have high cellulose content and they are easily digestible.

We suggest our products especially as fiber-supplementing forage components for ruminants (cattle, sheep).

Chemical carrier

The dust-free nature and structure enables of our grits enable their use as carriers for mixtures of high quality.

Thanks to the above our grits can be used for the production of chemical products, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.


The structural build of our products enables them to be used as fillers for rubber mixtures, extruded industrial forms and paper manufacturing.

Animal litter

It is characteristic for our products to have high absorption ability resulting in locking in the wetness and the unpleasant smells.

It is extremely useful for the litter of small pets, murines, birds, reptiles and laboratory animals.

Industrial absorbent

It is characteristic for our grits to have extremely high absorption ability thanks to which our grits are able to lock in 5 times of their own weight from water or twice of their own weight from oil.

As a consequence thereof our products can be used as efficient absorbents for degreasing, absorption of oils, absorption of waste materials and for the removal of environment pollution.

Cosmetics industry

Our products can be used for the production of cosmetics (e.g.: hand cleaning products, skin rubbers).